Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Dogs Of Dollar Death

On 3/29/15 I drempt I was handed an envelope in the mail where someone had returned some money to me in the mail and it added up to $3500. It was from someone in one of the southeast asia countries, from a missionary.

When I opened the envelope up, the dollars inside were missing portions of them, like someone had cut out sections of the dollars and there was only about 3/4ths to 2/3s of the dollar left. So I had these dollars with what looked like a precise scissored section cut out of them and another section had a random tear out of it. I also thought the bank would accept them, even though parts of the dollars were scissored and torn out.

Then the money which I had, turned into cards, playing cards. Then there were 2 dogs in the dream. The 1st dog was light colored and the 2nd dog was dark colored. They looked to be a rottweiler type of dog. They both had gotten hold of the cards and started trying to tear into them. The 1st dog, the light colored dog started getting at tearing up one of the cards while the dark colored dog had a portion of the stack of them doing the same, all the while I had the rest of the cards in my hand, trying to stop the dogs from tearing up the cards.


What I see is the dollars sent back to me from southeast asia cut up with 2 sections missing will be drops in the value of the dollar. While most of the dollar was there, there were 2 sections of it missing. One section cut out of the dollar was very defined and precise and the other section out was a random tear out. This represents 2 drops of the dollar coming, one that is a planned cut of the value of the dollar thru a planned overnight devaluation coming or a very sudden drop and one coming that is from circumstantial events that will pound the value of the dollar down even further. The dollar could loose 1/4th and then later another portion of its value.

The money turning into cards are "what's in the cards" for the US. The 2 dogs, one light with one of the cards and the other dark with a portion of the cards; these dogs may not only represent our currency crisis coming, but more so, represent the over all troubles that are in the prophetic cards to come. The dark dog had several of the cards, like a third of the deck and each card would represent the trauma events soon to come upon our nation because we have forsaken God and his commands as a nation, which would have given us sound economics, but instead, we have corruption at all levels. 

The light colored dog came first in the dream and will represent the 1st time period of the troubles to come, with the 2nd dog, the dark dog,  representing the more severe troubles in the cards after. Dark days for America are coming.

 The US will be to be torn into, like a dog tearing into a newspaper. Prepare for a great tearing up of the securities that once stabilized our nation.

Father Yah, ultimately, you know those who belong to you and have been faithful to keep covenant with you. Come hell or high water, we rejoice in the everlasting awsome life you've given and are giving to us when you come in glory by your Son Jesus Christ. But Lord, we are about to enter very hard times and I pray you would raise us up with great resource to provide for us, our family and friends and to do ministry to awaken those without the hope of the resurrection. Oh Lord, equip us thoroughly for every good work. Those who are not equipped in the physical, you would equip them in the Spirit to do great exploits. We are all soon going to be tried and I pray we would never stop looking to you. Our eyes are set on you oh Lord. We rejoice in the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome and I pray you would give us wisdom to prepare for what is coming. Like Joseph, like Noah, we would be prepared in famine and in flood. Make us ready, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our King, Amen!

In Christ , Bill Weather

Economic notes: In another economic dream I had here, God told me to hold onto US dollars and silver. I did not realize at the time, but when the dream was given, is when the US dollar began to take off (in September 2014), breaking out of its trading range and greatly gained in value. As of late April 2015, it seems the dollar has topped out and now would be  a good time to get ready for the devaluation, possibly coming later this year. In the other dream, I was told to hold onto silver. Since advice on that dream was spot on about the US dollar, we can assume, because silver is at a bottom, that this would be a good time to accumulate some for the devaluation coming. Since the FED has no room to lower interest rates which are at near zero, to spur economic growth, if there were say a major financial crisis and maybe caused by other prophecy, then it would make the value of the dollar soar, much like it did in 2008. That would cause the FED to devalue an already high dollar, just to "get it back to normal", to justify the devaluation. We would then see gold and silver skyrocket in value. Many of us are expecting something big to come in September, so being economically vested correctly can equip one to be a much better provider in this greatest time of need coming.